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Mythic Knights is a strategy tactics game set in the fantasy sci-fi world of Skole. On Skole there is a mystical energy called Myth that flows throughout the world. In this world the Myth energy may concentrate itself, taking on physical form. These Myth entities, along with rogue bandits, have become a great threat on the Kingdom of Gryser. King Krillios found that there was only one way to protect his kingdom. That was to create the Mythic Knights, transforming loyal citizens of the kingdom in order to make them capable of channeling the Myth energy. You play as one such Knight. As a Mythic Knight you have to assemble what forces you can muster in order to hunt down these threats for the greater good of the Kingdom!

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And here is our website with some more information about Mythic Knights



Mythic Knights Alpha 1_3.zip 140 MB


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Hi! I think it's a good idea to add Greenlight link on Itch page :) Also if you interested to get some help with Greenlight and good release after - please contact me by email (pinkerator ATT sometimesyou DOTT com)